18. March 2022 – Katina Krell Allgemein

Cross-national knowledge journey at IEC

Finally, we were able to receive visitors at IEC again – on March 16, we met two school classes for a transnational knowledge trip. In addition to the 14 students of the 11th grade of the Gymnasium Marienberg, we were also able to establish contact with the Educhem high school in Litvinov/Czech Republic through our Czech partners, so that we could also welcome 20 students and two teachers at our institute.

After the welcome by Prof. Gräbner, the groups were handed over to our scientific staff members. During a lecture on the topic of fuels as well as during the subsequent guided Carbon Discovery Trail tour, the students were able to gain an insight into our exciting research topics and the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. Communication among each other was no problem thanks to an interpreter or in English.

Carbon Discovery Trail

Afterwards,plant tours gave some impressions of the technical implementation of the new technologies through our large-scale test facilities STF (syngas-to-fuel) and FlexiSlag (slag bath gasifier).

Guided tour through large-scale pilot plants
FlexiSlag pilot plant

At the farewell at the end of the event, the feedback from the students ranged from “I found it super exciting to see that such future-oriented technologies are being researched here in Saxony” to “The combination of overview lectures and plant tours was very illustrative and fun” to “I was surprised to see what is being done at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and can well imagine studying here”. We are pleased that our joint German-Czech event has been well received and hope to be able to take school classes on a journey through the world of energy process engineering again soon.

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