28. March 2019 – Katina Krell Announcements

Thinking outside the box – seminars like at university or in business

SEMINARS FOR STUDENTS – You won’t find boredom here!

Are you looking for an alternative to everyday school life? Would you prefer to deal with regional problems and help shape the solutions? Then what are you waiting for?

We come to you, support you with current questions and offer educational seminars!

Our focus is on important areas of industry and energy in the Ore Mountains region. The seminars could focus on e.g.:

  • Past, present and future of the industrial and energy sector in the Ore Mountains,
  • Consequences of acidic precipitation, acidification and eutrophication – will the forests and waters become healthy again?
  • New clean coal technologies for the production of various types of energy in the Ore Mountains region – how long will the old technologies continue to be in operation?
  • Circular economy as a new vision of the EU or waste – where to put it?
  • Past, present and future of gas production from coal.

Two vividly designed lessons are planned for each seminar. Lessons take place directly at your secondary schools in the region or at the education center of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT) Unipetrol RPA in Litvínov or the lignite research institute in Most.

In addition to exciting information, we offer you an intercultural experience and interesting lectures, for which we are happy to respond to your topic requests. Written documents in the form of Power Point presentations are prepared for all seminars, which are supplemented with interesting photos and pictures.
You determine who comes to you and what you want to learn – we look forward to seeing you.

Contact us and let us know your wishes.

Regardless of whether it’s an excursion or a seminar: staff from TU Bergakademie Freiberg, TU Prague or the lignite research institute from Most (Cz.) will be happy to get in touch and develop a seminar for you.

Further information: Mgr. Helena Doležalová (+ 420 220 444 231) ()


See you soon!

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