02. July 2019 – Lukas Eichinger Allgemein

Long Night at the Reiche Zeche

On Saturday, june 22, the 7th long night of science and economy took place in Freiberg. A lot of different local companies and especially the University prepared an interesting and diversified program for kids and adults.

One of the highlight spots of this event was the area at the Reiche Zeche. With nearly as many booths and experiments as located on the Campus being equally attractive for visitors, we have to point out: we had the bigger explosions thanks to the chemistry students and their neat Experiments that climaxed in an hourly lab show.

Besides that, we also had small but not less fascinating experiments like producing organic fuel or making ice from liquid nitrogen as well as Information Points about making and tasting craft beer and lots of fun while testing Segways, hoverboards and monowheels. Standing side by side with the IEC, the other institutes that are located on the area of the Reiche Zeche showed their scientific spectra with exciting Minerals or the possibility of making your own colored chalk, just to point out some of the numerous actions.

  • ©IEC


A czech group of 15 from Most came not only to see the experiments and presentations along the long night of science but stayed here for two days to enjoy the wonders of the Terra Mineralia and the City of Freiberg.

It was the first time, that a part of the long night of sience and economy took place at the Reiche Zeche. But thanks to all the involved colleagues from the different Departments, this was a very good Kickoff!

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