Course programme from Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Saxony (HDS)

The Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Saxony (HDS) would like to bring your attention to our upcoming programmes. This winter semester, we offer:

04.11.2021, 09:00 – 12:15  Online-Workshop (HDS)

To test or not to test? That is (not) the question

In this session, participants will look at templates that allow them to easily create engaging and authentic assessments and will examine techniques that has been demonstrated to significantly improve student success on projects and assignments.

Registration per email to

You can find more relevant information in the following file.

11.11 – 12.11.2021 Online-Workshop (TU Dresden)

Active Students – Active Learning

In this online workshop we will cover various topics within the context of student activation in higher education, such as:

  • student engagement and how to promote it
  • course structure and how it can influence student activity
  • motivation of students and how to boost it…

We will address activation in large lectures as well as small seminar groups with a special focus on activation in the online context. The workshop consists of synchronous and asynchronous parts. There will be time for individual questions.

Please register by the button “Anmeldung” on the website of TU Dresden.

15.11-  18.11.2021 Online-Workshop (TU Dresden)

Academic Writing in English (Humanities and Social Sciences)

This workshop focuses on improving participants’ abilities in composing and editing academic work in English as well as imparting these abilities and giving feedback to students’ texts. We will touch on the writing process as well as specific questions in language and style when writing in English. The workshop is specifically designed to address the needs of second-language writers in the field of teaching and science.

Please register by the button “Anmeldung” on the website of TU Dresden.

10.02 – 11.02.2022 Online Blended Learning Workshop (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Student Motivation in (Online) Teaching and Learning

The Course: ’Student Motivation in (Online) Teaching and Learning’ aims at providing a deeper insight into the importance of motivation for learning in the context of Higher Education. We will have a look at theoretical background and research. However, the main focus will lie on strategies and methods that may increase student motivation in your own courses.

Please register by the button “Anmeldung” on the website of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Register directly via the organising educational institutions or via Registration fees will be reduced for lecturers of this HDS-member universities and might be borne by your respective universities. Please enquire the persons-in-charge beforehand.

Feel free to forward this message to fellow colleagues. We look forward to seeing you at our workshops!

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